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The Greatest Special Interest

By ORTL PAC | June 3, 2016

We live in a time in politics when a primary punching bag for both major parties, the media and voters everywhere is special interests.  It’s a vague enough term that I think a definition is in order.  Merriam-Webster defines a Special Interest as “a group that tries to influence the people who run a government…

Primary 2016: Four Important Pro-Lifers You Need to Know About

By Lois Anderson | April 28, 2016

I want to make sure you know about four pro-life men who are running for office this primary election. Ted Cruz – U.S. President It really is difficult to overstate the importance of this election.   We have had a series of close and important Presidential elections.  It would be tempting to take a diversion here…

How To Be An Effective Citizen Lobbyist

By Lois Anderson | February 4, 2016

  Lobbyist. It’s a funny word that evokes all sorts of images in the American mind. But basically it’s just a person who tries to influence government. Every citizen has the ability to walk into the Capitol and “lobby” the Legislature and even the Executive branch. You don’t even have to have any special credentials…

Politics Is A Game And Sometimes We Shouldn’t Be Playing It

By ORTL PAC | February 4, 2016

Being one of those weird people who call themselves politicos and who like to feel some camaraderie with characters on the show The West Wing, it’s too easy for me to show up at work thinking about “the game.” Good games involve limited resources (cards, tokens, money) that players use strategically to outsmart their opponents. …