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Who doesn’t love “free?” Well did you know that there is $50 per Oregonian, per year, just sitting out there to be donated for free to a political action committee of your choice?

Here’s how it works: every year, individuals (with a gross income under $100,000) can donate $50 to a PAC of their choice and get it all back on their taxes. Couples filing jointly (with income under $200,000) can donate $100. If you pay taxes, you will pay $100 (or $50) less.

Tax credit donations are the number one source of funding for our PAC. Without them, in 2016, we wouldn’t have been able to:

  • run our pro-life TV ad to hundreds of thousands of people this election;
  • help elect Oregon’s first pro-life Secretary of State in decades;
  • identify and help pro-life candidates run for (and win!) local office.

In 2017, we have to start all over again in preparation for the next election. Our PAC staff will also keep busy supporting our lobbying efforts during the 2017 legislative session.

Please don’t let this great opportunity expire. Take advantage of your free political tax credit now!


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