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Oregon to Life PAC is made up of both state and federal PACs and focuses on electing pro-life officials at all levels of government as well as publishing a widely used pro-life voter guide each election year.

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For nearly 50 years, abortion laws were regulated at the federal level — this has since been changed with the recent decision in Dobbs v. Jackson

Though these laws have rightly returned to state discretion, the federal government holds control of budgetary items that can avoid funding for abortion services. 

Electing a pro-life majority to federal office would protect your tax dollars from funding abortion and other destructive practices.


The victory in Dobbs v. Jackson changed the opportunity for abortion laws across the nation. 

Oregon has always been a leader in extremist views on abortion and our longstanding pro-abortion majority continues to pass laws expanding access and funding. 

Obtaining a pro-life governor or a pro-life majority in the state house or senate would put a halt to these destructive bills.


The pro-life movement relies on a life affirming foundation to support families facing unsupported pregnancies in their communities. 

County commissioners and other local positions have opportunities to provide life-affirming healthcare in county facilities as well as support pregnancy centers and maternity homes. 

Their pro-life leadership is vital in creating a culture of life in Oregon counties.

School Board

Planned Parenthood is working to become the primary provider of reproductive health education across the nation in an effort to normalize abortion for their future customers. 

School based health clinics are continuing to appear on school grounds offering prescriptions or referred care without parental knowledge or consent – this includes “reproductive care.” 

Though it stands as the newest venture of Oregon Right to Life PAC, it may be one of the most important. Pro-life school board members will protect our vulnerable students.

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