Down Ticket Report: Pro-life Legislative Seats Held!

The 2016 elections saw many pro-life victories up and down the ballot. All pro-life seats in the Oregon State Legislature were retained. Of note, State Representative Mike Nearman resisted a heavy attack from pro-abortion groups. Oregon Right to Life PAC invested heavily in this race and the result was a margin of victory over 15 percent.

Five new pro-life legislators will begin serving in 2017, having replaced outgoing legislators. Some of these candidates also fought off well-funded attacks by pro-abortion forces.
Beyond the legislature, for the first time ever, we aired a powerful pro-life television ad in the Portland area telling Oregonians that abortion is legal in all nine months of pregnancy in Oregon. The ad not only informed Oregonians about abortion, but helped pro-life candidate Colm Willis in his run for a congressional seat. Willis won 43 percent of the vote against the long-time, pro-abortion incumbent.

Now that the election is finally over, we are working on pro-life legislation to introduce in the 2017 legislative session. We are also preparing for what will likely be a full-on assault from the anti-life forces who will once again try to pass deadly legislation. Stay tuned for action alerts in coming months!

image courtesy of Salem-Keizer Sentinel


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