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Two Pro-Life Candidates Who Need Your Vote!

By ORTL PAC | October 28, 2016

There are many great pro-life candidates running for office in Oregon this year.  But here are two hugely important races that are opportunities for pro-life voters to make a difference for the unborn.  Read the information about the candidates below and then make sure to mail your ballot by November 2nd, or find a ballot drop box…

The Case of the Missing Pro-Life Legislators

By ORTL PAC | October 11, 2016

This summer I went on a search: I needed to find out where our missing pro-life legislators went.  No, I’m not talking about those who have been standing up for the unborn in the legislature already. I’m talking about those who haven’t been walking the halls of the state capitol building at all. To do…

DNC 2016 and the Pro-Life Issue

By ORTL PAC | August 16, 2016

If you read Lois’s blog last week about the Republican National Convention, you’ll know that the GOP adopted its most pro-life platform in history. Unfortunately, not long after this pro-life victory, America watched the Democratic National Convention (DNC) adopt its most pro-abortion party platform ever. In 1996, their platform mentioned abortion one time. This year’s…

RNC 2016 and the Pro-Life Issue

By Lois Anderson | August 16, 2016

National party conventions are always good political theater. The Republican convention did not disappoint. There are still powerful players who want to see two pro-abortion parties, but for now the GOP remains pro-life. This is thanks to pro-lifers across the country who sent delegates to Cleveland with the goal of preserving and strengthening the pro-life…