What does ORTL do with PAC money?

Oregon is one of the few states offering tax credits for political contributions in an effort to encourage wider citizen participation in campaigns. These credits serve as the primary source of funding for Oregon Right to Life PAC. But how do we leverage your financial support?  Candidate IdentificationOregon Right to Life PAC strives to identify […]

Pro-Life School Board Candidates Defeat the Abortion Industry

Election night brought encouraging news as pro-life candidates were elected to school board positions across the state. In races prioritized by Oregon Right to Life PAC, more than two-thirds of our pro-life candidates won. In every race where an endorsed candidate ran against someone supported by the abortion industry, the pro-life candidate won. The most […]

Election 2018: Lose Some, Win Many

Oregon’s pro-life advocates faced disappointment in the 2018 election results. Measure 106, the first pro-life measure to qualify for Oregon’s ballot since 2006, lost by 29 percent. Other losses in legislative races mean that there will be a pro-abortion supermajority in the Oregon Legislature. The mountain pro-life advocates are up against is that Oregon has […]

Press Release: Statement on Election Results

Salem, OR — Last night’s election results were not entirely a surprise. While there were some disappointing losses, pro-life advocates won in multiple races across the state, holding most pro-life seats in the Legislature. A number of pro-life candidates who ran for the first time were successful.  Notably, ORTL’s former political director, Colm Willis, won […]

Brown threatens healthcare access for 50,000 Oregonians

Monday, July 30, Gov. Kate Brown announced that she would reject all Title X funding if the Department of Health and Human Services adopts new Title X rules. The Protect Life Rule would prevent abortion providers from qualifying for money under the Title X family planning program. It is estimated that this would cut $50 […]

ORTL PAC Endorses Rep. Bill Post for Primary

Oregon Right to Life PAC has proudly re-endorsed Representative Bill Post (R-25) for the 2018 primary election. Since elected in 2014, Rep. Post has been an outspoken champion for the unborn in the capitol. This past legislative session, Rep. Post was a co-sponsor on both late-term unborn child protection bills ORTL introduced. Rep. Post has […]

The Case of the Missing Pro-Life Legislators

This summer I went on a search: I needed to find out where our missing pro-life legislators went.  No, I’m not talking about those who have been standing up for the unborn in the legislature already. I’m talking about those who haven’t been walking the halls of the state capitol building at all. To do […]