Press Release: Statement on Election Results

Salem, OR — Last night’s election results were not entirely a surprise. While there were some disappointing losses, pro-life advocates won in multiple races across the state, holding most pro-life seats in the Legislature. A number of pro-life candidates who ran for the first time were successful.  Notably, ORTL’s former political director, Colm Willis, won his race for Marion County Commissioner (pos. 2).

“Oregon has no restrictions on the abortion industry,” says Lois Anderson, ORTL executive director. “As such, it is must-hold ground, drawing millions of dollars to defend and fortify pro-abortion interests in our government. Up against incredible odds, we are so proud of how our candidates did last night. They are all highly qualified and will faithfully serve 100% of their constituents, including those not yet born.”

Measure 106’s defeat was disappointing. “Measure 106 was the grassroots work of a very dedicated group of pro-life advocates,” says Anderson. “The No campaign inundated voters with assertions that Measure 106 was a back-door ban on abortion. The results spoke to the wealth and power of corporate abortion to reinforce their industry at the expense of Oregonians who largely oppose taxpayer-funded abortion.”

“Oregon is perceived as universally pro-abortion,” says Anderson, “But the reality is that Oregonians are much more diverse on this issue than the media paints us. Looking to the future, Oregonians need to find ways to work together. We at Oregon Right to Life PAC have done this by recommending candidates like Selma Pierce and Sen. Chuck Thomsen, who support protective legislation like late-term abortion restrictions. The divisive narrative consistently used by pro-abortion leaders in our government will only continue to hurt Oregon.”

For media inquiries or interviews, please contact Liberty Pike, communications director, at 503-463-8463.


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