Oregon Right to Life PAC Endorses Representative Virgle Osborne

Salem, Ore.—Today, Oregon Right to Life PAC (ORTL PAC) announced the endorsement of incumbent Representative Virgle Osborne (R-Roseburg) for the House District 2 Republican Primary. Rep. Osborne showed his commitment as a pro-life representative during the 2023 legislative session in his support for life-affirming legislation. ORTL executive director Lois Anderson said, “We take great pride […]

Brown threatens healthcare access for 50,000 Oregonians

Monday, July 30, Gov. Kate Brown announced that she would reject all Title X funding if the Department of Health and Human Services adopts new Title X rules. The Protect Life Rule would prevent abortion providers from qualifying for money under the Title X family planning program. It is estimated that this would cut $50 […]

How To Be An Effective Citizen Lobbyist

  Lobbyist. It’s a funny word that evokes all sorts of images in the American mind. But basically it’s just a person who tries to influence government. Every citizen has the ability to walk into the Capitol and “lobby” the Legislature and even the Executive branch. You don’t even have to have any special credentials […]