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Archive for November 2016

Dennis Richardson Wins Stunning Pro-life Victory!

On election night, Dennis Richardson became the first pro-life candidate to win a statewide election in Oregon in more than a decade. Richardson won the critical office of Secretary of State, beating pro-abortion extremist Brad Avakian. The Secretary of State oversees elections, audits government gencies, and is next in line to become governor. For years,…

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Down Ticket Report: Pro-life Legislative Seats Held!

The 2016 elections saw many pro-life victories up and down the ballot. All pro-life seats in the Oregon State Legislature were retained. Of note, State Representative Mike Nearman resisted a heavy attack from pro-abortion groups. Oregon Right to Life PAC invested heavily in this race and the result was a margin of victory over 15…

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Election Results: Roe V. Wade Lost

What a year.  A year dominated by a crazy, unpredictable presidential race that sent experienced operatives back to the drawing board and the establishment scurrying. No one predicted that, when the dust settled, we would have a president, Senate, and Congress poised to pass pro-life legislation. Even Cecile Richards, president of Planned Parenthood, said, “I…

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American Voters Reject Abortion Agenda

The 2016 election is over and it was stunning. Very few expected that candidates committed to protecting human life would win the White House, Congress, and local offices across the nation. There are many reasons for this huge upset, including the relatively high turnout of rural voters and the fact that Donald Trump gave voice…

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ORTL PAC Statement on Oregon Election Results

The following is a statement from Oregon Right to Life PAC on the 2016 General Election results: Last night, pro-life Oregonians achieved successes and gained ground: Pro-life candidate Dennis Richardson was elected Secretary of State, defeating extreme pro-abortion candidate Brad Avakian.  Avakian had received tens of thousands of dollars in support from Planned Parenthood and…

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