Let’s learn from our mistakes

Tuesday, November 7 was election night for many states. In short, there were significant losses nationwide: Virginia lost majority control in the house, and Ohio enshrined abortion into its constitution. These were heartbreaking setbacks, but they are following a consistent pattern.

What we can learn from these losses:

  1. Pro-life candidates are consistently outspent on the issue of abortion. 

[On the loss in Virginia] Virginia Democrats outspent Republicans nine to one on abortion-focused TV ads that mischaracterized Republican candidates and distracted from Democrats’ extreme position of no-limits abortion on demand. These ads inaccurately labeled a 15-week protection for babies who can feel pain as a ‘complete ban with no exceptions.” 

Marjorie Dannenfelser, SBA Pro-Life America

  1. Though polling shows abortion as a low priority to voters, pro-abortion candidates are using the issue as their focal message. 

[On an election night overview] “The true lesson from last night’s loss is that Democrats are going to make abortion front and center throughout 2024 campaigns… Candidates must put money and messaging toward countering the Democrats’ attacks, or they will lose every time.”

Marjorie Dannenfelser, SBA Pro-Life America

  1. Pro-abortion candidates are using fear-mongering propaganda to mislead voters into thinking that women will die without a limitless abortion law. 

[On the loss in Ohio] “Issue 1 passed because abortion activists and outside Democrat donors ran a campaign of fear to Ohio voters: vote for this ballot measure or women will die,” said SBA Pro-Life America President Marjorie Dannenfelser. “Their pervasive lie that women will die without Issue 1 was propped up by massive ad spending, funded by George Soros and a left-wing media machine which operated like Planned Parenthood’s PR department. The media failed to fact-check this obvious lie and reveal the black-and-white truth in Ohio’s law, which clearly allows pregnant women to receive emergency care. This lie not only deceived voters but put pregnant women at risk by sowing confusion, so much that even the state health department endeavored to set the record straight so women knew they could get care during a miscarriage.” 

Reminders and how we can respond:

  1. We have to play offense on the issue of abortion. 

Democrats are using the abortion message against us. Why? Because it works, especially when we do not spend the resources to define the issue or fail to respond.

  1. We are not the extremists.

Right now, in Oregon, we are working towards reasonable limits on abortion, including protections for babies born alive during an abortion and babies who can feel pain, with exceptions for rape, incest, and to save the life of the mother. 

The reality is, in Oregon, abortion is legal for any reason until the moment of birth. 

Sex-selective abortion? Legal. 

Abortion because the baby was diagnosed with a disability or Down syndrome? Legal. 

Abortion for the reason of eugenics? Legal. 

Our current lack of protection for babies is unfavorable to 80% of voters and continues to grow the more education we provide.

  1. Pro-life candidates have to be prepared with a strong response to abortion for the persuadable voters. 

What might that look like? “I am a pro-life [position]. Other states may be making decisions on abortion limits early in pregnancy, but the reality is Oregon is not there yet. In Oregon, abortion is legal until the moment of birth and funded by taxpayers. This position is unfavorable to a majority of voters. Whether you’re pro-life or pro-choice, most of us can agree we want to see fewer abortions. As a pro-life [position], I want to see reasonable limits passed on abortion that will protect mothers and their babies during and after pregnancy.”


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