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Pro-Life School Board Candidates Defeat the Abortion Industry

By ORTL PAC | July 1, 2019

Election night brought encouraging news as pro-life candidates were elected to school board positions across the state. In races prioritized by Oregon Right to Life PAC, more than two-thirds of our pro-life candidates won. In every race where an endorsed candidate ran against someone supported by the abortion industry, the pro-life candidate won. The most…

Don’t Expect to Lose!

By ORTL PAC | July 1, 2019

If you want some encouragement, I suggest you read this issue’s front page article about the good news from election night. However, despite many pro-life victories on May 21, the races we didn’t win have been on my mind the most. It has becoming increasingly clear to me that one significant reason some pro-life candidates…

Pro-life Precinct Committee Persons Have a Huge Impact

By ORTL PAC | June 25, 2019

If you are a Precinct Committee Person (PCP), you have the power to change operations and policies of your county, state and even national party. You also can have say over your party’s policies on abortion, physician-assisted suicide and other important issues. At times, PCPs even have the power to appoint legislators to fill vacancies…

Yes, the Abortion Industry Has Targeted Your Schools

By ORTL PAC | May 4, 2019

Every two years, the same lie that the abortion industry is uninterested in schools and school board elections rears its ugly head.  Just this week, the executive director of the Oregon School Boards Association, who is currently serving on the Salem-Keizer School Board, denied that there is an attempt to push a pro-abortion agenda on…