Oregon Right to Life PAC Announces Campaign to Defeat Charlie Conrad

Dexter, Ore.—Wednesday, June 28, Oregon Right to Life PAC joined with concerned local voters to announce the 2024 campaign to oppose the reelection of Representative Charlie Conrad (R-Dexter) to House District 12.

In 2020, Oregon Right to Life committed to ensuring that former Republican state legislator Knute Buehler would never serve in Congress. His refusal to support even the most basic, common-sense protections for the unborn prompted the campaign. Buehler went on to lose his primary by almost 10%.

“While we work toward a day when leaders from all parties support protective laws for unborn babies, we are grateful for the Republican party’s strong stand for human rights. Today, only one Republican member of the Oregon Legislature not only defended Oregon’s lack of basic protective laws like Buehler, but voted to make them far more extreme,” said Lois Anderson, Oregon Right to Life executive director.

Representative Conrad completed a ruinous first legislative session having voted both for the final version of House Bill 2002 and the earlier, more extreme version, HB 2002B. His full record of failures includes some of the most extreme positions on abortion and assisted suicide:

  • Voted to expand taxpayer-funded abortions to minors of any age and to exclude parents from being informed. (HB 2002B)
  • Voted against amendments to provide much-needed resources for pregnant women. (HB HB 2002 -4 amendment)
  • Voted to decriminalize the concealing of the dead body of a newborn baby by the abortion industry. (HB 2002B)
  • Voted to expand physician-assisted suicide by eliminating the residency requirement approved by voters. (HB 2279)

“Today, Oregon Right to Life PAC commits to use every tool at our disposal to ensure that Representative Conrad is defeated,” continued Anderson. “That starts with an already ongoing paid door-to-door and phone campaign to notify every Republican primary voter of Representative Conrad’s deadly record.”

Oregon to Life PAC focuses on electing pro-life officials at all levels of government as well as publishing a widely used pro-life voter guide each election year.



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