HB 2002

Putting Children At Risk & Shielding Abortion Providers

House Bill 2002 is a radical expansion of abortion targeted at children. It requires abortion providers to withhold information from a child's parents if she has an abortion. It also allows the provision of abortion to children regardless of age. This bill severely undermines parents' rights and exposes children to abuse.

What Does House Bill 2002 Do?

Targets minors, separating vulnerable children from parents:

  • Eliminates any age of consent requirements for ‚Äúreproductive health care‚ÄĚ, which includes abortion.
  • Requires written permission from a child of any age in order for a parent to know what reproductive health services‚ÄĒincluding abortion‚ÄĒare provided by a health care provider.
  • A pharmacist is authorized to provide abortion pills without regard to the age of the person.

Adds legal protections for abortion providers while removing protections for health care providers considered to be an ‚Äúagent of a public body‚ÄĚ:

  • Protects a provider, who violated the law in that other state (as long as it was related to providing ‚Äúreproductive health care‚ÄĚ), from that information being given to an Oregon employer.
  • Establishes a gag order on public entities that prevents sharing information about ethical or legal violations.
  • Any religious exemption request by an employee must be made in writing.
  • Attorney fees and costs from lawsuits may only be awarded to the plaintiff.
  • Includes provisions designed to limit the speech of health care professionals.

Expands funding for abortions targeting rural areas and higher education:

  • Creates a taxpayer funded program providing chemical abortions at Student Health Centers at higher education facilities including community colleges.
  • Creates a new pilot program to provide grants to two rural Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) to offer abortions.

Infringes on fundamental freedoms

  • Creates crime of interfering with a health care facility that is clearly designed to discourage pro-life prayer vigils and advocacy outside of abortion clinics.

Why do we oppose House Bill 2002?

  • Conflates abortion with contraception and miscarriage care in an effort to normalize ending the life of a developing human baby.

  • Repeals the crime of ‚Äúconcealing the birth of an infant‚ÄĚ, which may conceal cases of abuse, and infanticide.

  • Opens up health care providers to lawsuits if they tell the parents about a child‚Äôs abortion without the written consent of the child.

  • Prevents pharmacists from telling a parent they dispensed medication to a minor (of any age), which puts the minor in danger if there were complications.

  • Expands taxpayer funding for abortion by converting abortion free FQHCs into abortion providers and requiring dispensing of abortion pills on every state college campus.

  • Shields unethical doctors from accountability for crimes they‚Äôve committed as long as reproductive or gender reassignment services were involved.