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ORTL PAC’s endorsement process from a fresh perspective

The week ballots were mailed to Oregonians, the Oregon Right to Life Political Action Committee (ORTL PAC) released it’s May Primary Voter guide, a publication pro-life voters across the state rely on every election. As a new employee at the ORTL PAC, my involvement with the endorsement process for the 2018 May Primary has been eye-opening.  I…

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The Primary Challenge

Unfortunately, efforts to pull the Oregon GOP away from its commitment to protecting the unborn continue. Therefore, it is critical that pro-life advocates make the hard choices necessary to stop this from happening. How does winning primary elections work? It works as long as pro-life advocates remain committed to the issue over party and personalities.…

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Greg Wooldridge for Governor

There has been a lot of tough news for Oregon pro-life advocates lately. House Bill 3391 became law last year, forcing insurance companies to cover abortions and expanding taxpayer funding of late-term abortions. This year, the legislature passed House Bill 4135, putting some Oregonians at risk of losing their basic right to food and water.…

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Poll Shows 70% of Oregonians Oppose Late-Term Abortions

Oregon Right to Life surveyed 500 likely Oregon general election voters over January 28-29, 2018. The results of the statewide poll show 70% opposition to late-term abortions.  Only 36% of Democrats still support late-term abortions. The 2018 legislative short session began on February 5th. Oregon Right to Life supports two late-term unborn child protection bills…

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Rep. E. Werner Reschke (HD-56) Endorsed by ORTL PAC

Rep. Werner Reschke

Oregon Right to Life PAC is proud to renew its endorsement of State Representative E. Werner Reschke (HD – 56) for the 2018 election cycle. Rep. Reschke first ran for office in 2016 and has since been a major champion for pro-life legislation in Salem. During the 2018 legislative session, Rep. Reschke introduced the 20 Week Unborn Child…

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ORTL PAC Endorses Shelly Boshart Davis for HD 15

Oregon Right to Life PAC has proudly endorsed Shelly Boshart Davis for House District 15. Davis is running as a Republican to replace retiring State Representative Andy Olson, who has been a faithful pro-life legislator for years.  Davis is an outstanding candidate to replace Rep. Olson. Shelly is the Vice President of International Sales at BOSSCO…

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Press Release: Bill allowing starvation, dehydration of dementia patients passes, on to gov. desk

Salem, OR– February 27th,  House Bill 4135 passed the Oregon Senate (17-12). While the stated intent of the bill’s authors was to update the advance directive, it also paves the way for healthcare representatives to remove access to food and water for vulnerable Oregonians with dementia and Alzheimer’s. “Oregonians should be able to trust their elected officials to act…

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ORTL PAC Endorses Greg Wooldridge for Governor

Oregon Right to Life PAC has endorsed Greg Wooldridge for Governor! There are a variety of candidates running to oppose the most extreme pro-abortion governor in the country, Kate Brown. Our PAC has endorsed the one candidate who will be the strongest challenger. Greg is a committed pro-life advocate. He will work to protect Oregon’s most…

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Oregon Right to Life PAC endorses Teri Grier for HD 9

Teri Grier

Oregon Right to Life PAC has proudly endorsed Teri Grier for House District 9. Teri first ran for the legislature in 2016, nearly ousting pro-abortion incumbent Rep. Caddy McKeown despite limited campaign resources.  Teri is an outspoken pro-life champion and is running once again for this house seat. Since the 2016 election, Rep. McKeown has solidified…

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