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Political Tax Credit

Did you know that your Oregon income tax dollars pay for nearly half of all abortions in our state? But, thanks to the Oregon Political Tax Credit, you can actually use some of your taxes to help prevent abortions rather than pay for them!

The Political Tax Credit is a no-cost way to support the political cause of your choice, allowing you to direct a portion of your tax dollars in a way that YOU choose. It is a credit, not a deduction. Joint filers can give up to $100 to a qualified political organization and single filers can give up to $50 and then receive every penny back when they file their Oregon tax return. It’s really that simple!

When using Oregon Personal Income Tax Form 40, the Political Tax Credit contribution is noted on line 26.

Please note that Oregon law only allows a joint tax filer with combined annual income under $150,000 to claim the political tax credit—single filers with annual income under $75,000 can give up to $50.